Chronic diseases and cancers have dramatically replaced infectious diseases in 21st century. There is no obvious medical effect from current drugs, which often focus on single genetic targeting or proteins. Slow down of new drug development and severization of examination. The system of medical treatment has become multiple targeting and multiple functions. All of concerns above have been considered always in Shine WiseInnovation Technology Corporation (SWIT). Based on all these points, SWIT ironically determines to solve such problematic diseases and health problems. We aim to produce Nutrigenomic products with discipline of “ Eat to Better DNA”, using our specialties in knowledge of Natural Herbal Plants & Pharmaceutical, and technology of Find Chemicals, combining with knowledge of plants’ active ingredients via Genomics and Proteomics. Besides, SWIT is also good at the integration of “Industry, Government, Academics and Researches” and industrial development.  

(1)The spirit of SWIT is to further R&D on Genomics vs. Anti-aging/Anti-cancers for global human healthcare via comprehensive and innovative implementation between Genomics, Proteinomics, and Plant Epigenetics, as our forever motivation of career in realms of biotechnology and pharmaceutical.
(2)The progress of SWIT is from currently health food into plant medical R&D.

(3)The overall business strategy of SWIT is to initially develop our core and unique technical platforms in areas of biotechnology and pharmaceutical, and then to build up our unique CGMP pharmaceutical industry in long-term perspective.

(i)  The material of Antrodia Champhorata (Mycelium) in SWIT Products has passed "Antrodia Champhorata (Mycelium) 90-days-feeding toxicity testing (1041021001) "on 31st August 2016 by Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology (HWAI) - Registration No. 1050038395
(ii) SWIT Products have been insured Product Liability Insurance

The updated Sales Contract has been modified on 11th February 2019. The Sales Contract is to prove that the company or the person is eligible to sell our products accordingly. Without this sales contract, each selling act is invalid. 


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